Safety Specification

You want to be reassured that Bull Nets Pond Safety Kits are as safe as we say they are!

Every component within the Bull Nets Safety Kit is individually checked and approved before despatch by our team of skilled safety engineers.

4mm thick netting, made to EN 1263-1 standards

All netting is made to EN 1263-1 fall arrest safety standards. This is the industry standard for all fall arrest safety netting, including scaffolding, oil rigs and construction site safety netting. So for a pond net, it is the strongest you can get.

It is guaranteed to take up to 130kg/m2.

Each hard anchor takes up to 191kg force.

This 6mm x 60mm eye bolt anchor is designed to insert into pre-drilled pilot holes in wood, stone, masonry, concrete or brick and can take up to 191kg of exerted force without fail.

It is made from stainless steel and can be inserted up to 50mm deep.

Each soft anchor takes up to 90kg force.

In combination with multiple anchors, the compound strength of all the anchors together gives a minimum strength of 360kg force.

Made from stainless steel, each anchor is designed to screw straight into soil or similar "soft" surround.

4mm braided tensioning ropes

These failsafe tensioning ropes act as buffers to prevent your net from slipping. They span the perimeter and the length and width of the pond, to pull the netting outwards towards the edges and prevent unforeseen slips.

Made to ISO-9002 standards.

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