Installing your Bull Nets Pond Safety Kit is Easy and Quick.

It starts by measuring and marking the perimeter of your pond every 50cm including in the corners (if square).

Depending on whether you are installing a hard ground fixing or a soft ground fixing, you may need to drill a pilot hole for your hard anchor. This will require a 6mm drill bit for masonry or wood. After the hole has been drilled, then you can tap or screw your hard anchor in. For soft ground, this is a simple twist.

Attach your carabiner clips to the eye or loop of the anchor and secure one side of the rope span to the carabiner. This needs to be done with a tight, anti slip knot.

Throw the rope across to the other side of the pond and tension the rope with a firm pull. Create an anti slip knot loop and attach the carabiner to the loop. Once confident the rope will not sag, pull the rope hard to fasten the carabiner onto the anchor.

Weave the perimeter rope through the meshes along the perimeter of the net and tie at the join ready for tensioning later.

Throw net over the pond and expand it fully to cover your pond. Attach to the carabiner-anchor sets, one side at a time, pulling the net tightly to tension it. It is the net that holds the weight, not the failsafe ropes.

Once clipped onto the anchors, find the join in the perimeter rope and pull the join outwards from the pond. This will expand the net even further.

Tie the perimeter rope securely with a triple loop as close the the net as possible.

If you need to adjust the width of the net or contour it to your pond to give a neater finish, you can trim or roll the net over. If cut, we recommend sealing the cut ends with a heat source such as a hot knife or lighter.

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