Installing your Bull Nets Pond Safety Kit

is Easy and Quick.


It starts by measuring and marking the perimeter of your pond every 50cm plus any corners or odd shapes.

If you are installing our hard ground fixings, you will need to drill pilot holes for your anchors (eye bolts). This will require a 6mm drill bit for masonry or wood. After the holes have been drilled, simply tap your hard anchors in. (For soft ground, you twist the ground anchor into the lawn, soil, etc.).

Attach your carabiner clips to the eyes or loops of the anchors.  If your pond is wide, you will now need to add some failsafe tension rope and secure it across the pool every metre along the longest side (like a ladder effect).  Secure the rope as tightly as possible to the anchors on both sides.

Next, clip the net to the carabiners along one side of the pool. Spread the net across the rest of the pond to reach all of the anchors (this is where a helper with be a real asset). Attach the net as tightly as possible to the carabiners on all sides. Once tightly secured the net will not sag.

Always attach to the carabiner-anchor sets, one side at a time, pulling the net tightly to tension it. It is the net that holds the weight.

If you need to adjust the width of the net or contour it to your pond to give a neater finish, you can trim or roll the net over. We recommend sealing the cut ends with a heat source such as a hot knife or lighter.

We will also send you an installation leaflet with your pond net or kit.

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