About Bull Nets

Bull Nets' Pond Safety Nets & Kits keep your children safe around pools and ponds.

Since 1999, Bull Nets have protected children from drowning in pools and ponds with a simple yet effective child safety net cover system for garden ponds and swimming pools.

It's a fact we hate to talk about but every year children die by drowning in their garden pond or swimming pool. It's a true tragedy and there can be fewer more horrific than this. Until Bull Nets' system was designed, the only solution to this was 100% vigilance.

With children we have to have eyes in the backs of our heads. That doesn't mean we always know exactly where our fast-moving children are. It only takes a split second to lose sight of them and in that moment, accidents happen.

Even if your child is conscious of the pond, are their friends? Can you keep your focus on a group of friends playing in the garden?

Let us take away that burden. Our state-of-the-art pond safety net system is made from the most robust safety grade netting available and discrete, industrial strength anchors.

It is complete peace of mind and an investment in a child's life.

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