Order Your Pond Net Cover Kit

Bull Nets' super strong, child safe pond covers are all you need to save a child's life.

Please enter your pond's longest and widest dimensions & use the kit type slider to set the percentage hard & soft type pond surround.

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A simple to install child safe, pond cover net is all it takes to save a life.

Made from purpose built, super strong woven polypropylene, the Bull Nets Pond Safety Net system is designed to stop your children, grandhildren and pets from falling into your pond.

Since 1996 we have been the industry leader in pool and pond safety, providing trusted pond safety net covers for over 20,000 families across the UK and internationally.

We are proud to offer you a pond safety kit that will save your child's life, should the worst ever happen.

Child Safe - Guaranteed

As the UK's foremost aquatic safety specialists, we are in a proud position to guarantee the safety of your pond when fitted correctly with the Bull Nets pond safety net kit.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on your pond netting, so you can rest assured at all times of the safety of your pond.

Easy to install and remove.

With interwoven strands of high tensile, 4mm thick rope, this net is able to be removed and replaced for instant strength whilst providing accessibility for cleaning.

Your net can be cut and stretched out to shape and should be ordered based on the longest and widest dimensions of your pond. The net attaches to our Bull Nets Fixings, for either of hard or soft ground surrounds.

Engineered for Strength

Each net is made to order, according to your specifications. Our team of trained pond safety net engineers meticulously check every component of your pond safety kit, ensuring that it is safe for use.

The net itself is strong enough to hold the weight of a grown man without ripping, warping or snapping. For this you may need to lower the water level of your pond but for holding your child's weight, this is not necessary.

How to Order

To place an order with us, please measure the longest and widest dimensions of your pool or pond and round up to the nearest 1m.

Select from "Net Only Kit" or "Complete Kit" to choose your kit type.

We recommend ordering a complete kit which includes anchors and rope. To order the correct quantity of anchors, ensure you set the slider to the appropriate ratio of hard surround (brick, wood, stone, etc.) and soft surround (grass, soil, sand, etc.).

To calculate the ratio, measure the total amount of hard or soft surround and divide it by the total length of the perimeter. So if half of your surround is stone and the rest is grass, choose 50% hard : 50% soft.

Super Fast Delivery

As we are the manufacturer of pond safety net kits, we are able to process orders within one working day and despatch within the UK on a tracked, next day delivery service.