How do I make my pond safe?

Ponds are generally not the main feature in any garden. They tend to be towards the back or hidden in an area set aside for seclusion. For this reason, they are sought out for exploration as inquisitive family members and pets check out the wildlife. Our customer Martin Rayner sent us these images of how he safeguarded his secluded pond by using our purpose built 4mm super strong woven polypropylene netting.

And it's not just Martin that thinks it's an essential idea. Another customer who reviewed our product was extremely grateful "Our Grandson has just discovered the wildlife pond in our garden and we didn't want to get rid of the pond. So we brought a Bull Net kit which has already stopped him falling in. James Harris."

As well as netting, we also supply hard or soft fixings depending on the ponds surroundings and tensioning rope to ensure complete safety, as once installed it's easily able to withstand the weight of a full size adult. Oliver Cook says "Bull Nets say their net is strong but I couldn't believe how strong it really is. I threw my teenager onto the net to test it (he was happy to be our guinea pig) and it held firm. Wow."

So for that peace of mind, instead of the strenuous hard work of removing a pond, making it safe with a Bull Nets Pond Safety Kit couldn't be easier. Our website features full installation instruction videos and our sales team can answer any question you have.