Pond Safety for Wildlife Ponds

Are Bull Nets Pond Nets covers safe for frogs and other wildlife?

Yes! Our net covers have enough spacing in the mesh to allow frogs, newts and other pond wildlife to climb in and out without getting in the way. As the nets don't sit in the water, they won't interfere with the frogs and newts' breeding patterns.

Frogs in a wildlife pond that has been covered for pond safety

In this example the pond net is sitting 7cm above the level of the pond water surface, allowing this frog to bask in the sunshine on top of waterlilies.

Neither the frog nor the waterlilies are affected by the pond net, with both able to carry out their business as naturally as if there were no pond cover!

For overgrown ponds, you can carefully feed the growth through the mesh or if you'd prefer to spend less time doing this, you can thin the growth out by cutting it back. Over the course of a season, most growth will return as long as the roots are left untouched.