Is a Pond a Hazard?

The potential serious risk of having a garden pond is drowning. Whilst children pose a real concern, this also extends for adults and pets too. As it involves water, there is a greater risk of slipping on the outer edge, and as ponds are generally aesthetically something to enjoy, if planned correctly with safety at the forefront, you will reap the benefit of true peace of mind. 


You may want to keep your pond covered for prolonged periods or indefinitely, which is why our garden pond family and pet safe nets are designed to withstand the elements without breaking down. They'll withstand the rain, sunshine, snow and cold and stay as tough and strong as the day you installed it.

With Bull Nets you can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful pond that can attract wildlife, including frogs and newts whilst protecting your family and pets.

Bull Nets kits consist of three easy-install parts:

  • Thick, engineered pond safety netting
  • Heavy duty, weather proof ground anchors
  • Secondary, fail safe tensioning rope.

The anchors hold everything down, whilst the net does the heavy work. The ropes are backups that pull the middle of the net outwards.

Full info on installation can be found on the installation page.