How do I make my pond child safe?

Keeping children safe around ponds

The question people ask us the most is "How do I make my pond child safe?"

You want to keep the pond but you want the peace of mind that when your child or grandchild is outside playing, they are 100% safe. You don't have eyes in the back of your head and it can only take that split second for the worst to happen. So making a pond safe for toddlers and young children is one of the most important investments you can make.

Fortunately with Bull Nets keeping children safe around ponds is straightforward, with one of the quickest and easiest installation processes for any pond safety cover.

Your pond cover net can be unclipped and reattached whenever you need it, giving you the option to cover or not.

Pond net cover ok for frogs

We know you may want to keep your pond covered for prolonged periods or indefinitely, which is why our garden pond child and pet safe nets are designed to withstand the elements without breaking down. They'll withstand the rain, sunshine, snow and cold and stay as tough and strong as the day you installed it.

With Bull Nets you can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful pond that can attract wildlife, including frogs and newts whilst protecting your children and grandchildren.

Bull Nets kits consist of three easy-install parts:

  • Thick, engineered pond safety netting
  • Heavy duty, weather proof ground anchors
  • Secondary, fail safe tensioning rope.

The anchors hold everything down, whilst the net does the heavy work. The ropes are backups that pull the middle of the net outwards.

Full info on installation can be found on the installation page.