Covering a Small or Large Pond

Bull Nets covers are designed to adjust to and fit any size and shape pond.

As they are net covers, you can shape your net to fit any shape or size pond. The nets can be curved along any edge without needing to cut the net. Of course if you need to cut the net, this will not affect the net's strength.

Do I need to cover the whole pond or just the outer edges?

Even with more elaborate water features such as fountains and waterfalls, as long as the whole pond surface is covered and the anchors are securely fastened, your pond net is safe. For sections with structures sitting in the middle of the pond, simply cut a hole around this section and pull the hole in the net over the structure.

You may need to order extra fixings to secure this cut-out if this section is especially large.

Pond safety nets can be cut and adjusted to fit any pond, including those with fountains.

With this pond and its central fountain, you simply cut a square section around the fountain and attach the net to the edge of the fountain base as well as the pond surrounds as usual using fixing sets. In this case, the customer used hard ground fixing sets for attaching to the surround and the base.

This large pond was easy to cover with Bull Nets pond safety netting, with additional tensioning rope spanning across the pond in both directions and around the perimeter.