Bullnets: Versatility, Safety and Growth.

Ensuring the safety of family and pets is a constant duty. No one wants any unnecessary suffering and thankfully there are easy measures to ensure nothing happens to our loved ones. But these measures don't just stop at putting a net over a pond. 

What about feeding your family? As the cost of living continues to go up, growing your own produce increasingly seems a viable thing to do. Not only are BullNets perfect for protecting your crops from birds and other foragers, they can also assist you in growing them.

The nets can be used for growing runner beans, cucumbers, peas, and tomatoes. This can save on space as crops grow vertically, so your garden doesn't resemble the set of the TV series 'The Good Life'. BullNets are durable, easy to assemble and, thanks to being made from high density, UV-stable polypropylene, won't rust like metal trellises or rot and split as wooden ones do over time.

As much as BullNets are great at keeping predators out, they are also perfect for keeping larger animals from escaping. They make great pens and runs for chickens and other large animals and are flexible to position outdoors. 

These are just some of the uses we have encountered and we always love to hear more from our valued customers. Contact us if you have put BullNets to use in creative ways we haven't thought of, and please do share your images.