2.5mm Knotless Polyester Tennis Net With Top & Side Bands (Excalibur)

2.5mm Knotless Polypropylene Tennis Net With Top & Side Bands

This polypropylene tennis net is manufactured using knotless netting with no rows of double mesh for optimum visibility. It is manufactured in regulation with ITF and DTB doubles court dimensions 12.72m x 1.07m for installation dimensions that comply with DIN EN 1510. 

Our Excalibur tennis nets are high-quality knotless square-meshed nets. They are designed to meet incredibly high quality standards and have a number of features that have been included during the manufacturing process. These features include a strong fixed square mesh developed in line with our knotless manufacturing technique, a high degree of stability and durability and optimum visibility thanks to no rows of double mesh. (Most international tennis tournaments use single-mesh nets). Merlin nets are made of thicker netting which helps the net to fall better when in use on the court.   

Technical Specs

  • Leading knotless square-mesh design
  • Complete with top and side bands
  • No double rows for optimum visibility
  • 2.3mm knotless polypropylene net in black
  • 12.72m x 1.07m