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The only tools needed are a 6mm drill bitand a hammerfor installing hard fixings into wood or stone, a pair of scissors for any adjustments and a lighter to seal the cut ends of your net for a tidy finish.

We recommend fitting the net first before making any cuts but any excess netting can be trimmed away with a sturdy pair of kitchen or fabric scissors.

This will not affect the strength of the netting as the net is interwoven.

The net itself is what holds weight but the "tensioning rope" is an additional fail safe that helps support your net in the event of failure.

You should weave the rope in between the mesh at the perimeter of the net and tie it off at the join. This helps keep the net from sagging inwards if the clips are not secured.

The tensioning rope should also be criss-crossed over the top of the pond from one side directly to the other, providing a secondary layer for the net to sit upon.

The carabiners are easy to unclip so you can pull the net away and get access to your pond or remove the net when not necessary.

So long as the anchors are securely fixed into the surface and the netting is pulled tightly against it, you can install the anchors in any orientation with no risk to safety.

You will need a 6mm drill bit.